Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you're going to start a business & you want to have a product that will be in high demand then go with something along the lines of weddings or babies! People are always getting married or having kids, so you can't go wrong if that's the niche you choose.

Baby showers are things everyone gets invited to, & it seems that people are always giving generic gifts. Diapers & wipes, baby clothes, or a blanket & teddy.

I just went to a baby shower this past Saturday for a college friend of mine, & I gave her a bag full of items from my shop {since I am a baby shop}. Everyone, not just the mommy-to-be, loved them! I can't tell you how many people kept saying, "You made all that?" & "I'm going to have to start giving gifts like that. Do you have a business card?" Besides the fact that my gift contributed to some serious marketing for my shop, it also promoted handmade items & got Etsy's name out there.

Now I know you're not going to spend the money on buying handmade items for all the baby showers you're invited to, but consider it for the ones that are important to you.

So today, I've put together 3 baby shower gift sets from several Etsy shops including my own. I hope these will inspire you to get creative when it's time for you to buy for the next shower you get invited to!

Shower Gift Set #1

  1. Lemon Drop Washcloth Bib by Baby Swank
  2. Wooden Baby Bowl & Spoon by The Wood Garden
  3. Splat Mat by Baby's Indulgence
  4. High Chair Cover by Kraft Korner

Shower Gift Set #2

  1. Personalized Hooded Bath Towel by Southern Traditions 2
  2. All Natural Herbal Baby Soap by Skinplicity
  3. Crocheted Washcloths by Bubble Bee Creations

Shower Gift Set #3

  1. All-in-One Cloth Diaper by Dream Makers Design
  2. Reusable Flannel Baby Wipes by Baby Swank
  3. All Natural Herbal Diaper Spray by Orenda Herbal
  4. Wet Bag by Essie Designs