Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Shop Update


Wow! Let's talk about my new shop!

I told you about my plans for a new Etsy shop in my 2012 goals post a couple weeks back & about how I was going to keep you updated on it. Well here are my update plans.

I want to launch my new shop mid-March. Is that going to happen? I'm not sure. You see, I'm still trying to get into a good routine with my new little man & I haven't settled on anything yet.

As you may know, I also coach other creative business owners, moms in particular, to grab hold of their dreams & make them happen & let me tell you... I am soooo busy with that right now that between coaching & my kiddos I've not had much time to work on my new shop! It's terrible but wonderful at the same time.

I am chugging along though. My goal for January is to get my website up & lookin' all snazzy & that's getting there. My goal for February is to get a good amount of blog posts over on that site & to begin to transfer Baby Swank items to the new shop. And lastly, my goal for March is to actually launch the new shop.

Will that happen? Yes, it will definitely happen, but I'm not sure if it will happen on time or not. We'll see!

Like I said, my goal for this month is to get my website looking the way I want it too & it's getting there. I've worked with an illustrator on some graphics & I think I'm good there. Right now I'm working with a web designer on getting some things done that I can't figure out how to do myself. So, hopefully all of that will be done by the end of this month & I'll be good to go come February!

Can't wait to show it to you all!

xo, Meagan

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Bibs on Sale

Peppermint Men
Christmas Marbles
Red & White
Green Santa & Trees
Blue Snowmen

2011 Christmas Bibs are now on sale... 40% off! 

That's $13.20 each! 

Stock up for next year's gifts or for yourself! 

Bib bundles not included!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project 52

Today I want to share a fun little project I'm involved in with you!

It's called "Project 52" & it's started by my friend Lakshmi. Lakshmi has a goal this year of improving her product photography & so she decided that she was going to select a theme each month & then photograph items that fit into that theme & share her best photo each week on her blog!

So I decided to join her in this project along with some other friends of ours because let's face it... product photography is tricky especially if you're not a photographer & I'm always up for improving on things.

This month's theme is "Rainbow" & so here are some of the photos I've taken for this week including the one above!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks & see you next week!

xo, Meagan

2012 Giveaway Greatness

So I've decided that this year, 2012, will include some awesomely fabulous giveaways when it comes to Baby Swank. I'm limiting the amounts of giveaways I'm doing & saving them for the really big ones.

My plan is to do 4 giveaways this year. Some on blogs, one on my Facebook page, & maybe some other places I see that are a good fit.

Anyway, the first one is coming up this month & I want you to be a part of it!

If you remember the interview I did last year with Autumn from All About Cloth Diapers, then you'll know exactly where this giveaway will be held.

Autumn is reviewing my Herbal Bum Salve & my Herbal Bum Cream & then I'll be giving away 2 Baby Bums gift baskets to the giveaway winners! I can't wait & I'll keep you posted here & on Facebook. Definitely don't miss out on this. These baskets make great gifts at baby showers, not to mention to keep for yourself!

I'll post when the giveaway is live! Keep an eye out!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I'm Changing My Soap Making Process

Orange Vanilla Baby Wash & Shampoo
Now that 2012 is here, I've got some big changes up my sleeve. I told you about my plans to move into a new shop. It's not time for that yet, but I'll definitely keep you updated on it.

My first big change is that I'm altering the way that I make my soap.

I don't know if you know anything about soap-making or not, but making liquid soap is very different from making bar soap. I personally love both, but when it comes to baby soap & shampoo, liquid wins out every time for me.

The way I make my soap now is to take my soap & infuse the herbs into it. The problem with this is that it sometimes causes the soap to separate a bit, especially with the orange & lemon herbs. It must be the vitamin c in it. That's all I can figure because the other soaps don't really do it.

It's not really a big deal because you can just shake it & it all mixes back up, but I'm not really happy with the way it looks. Looks = sales, especially for my wholesale customers who are putting my products in their shops. It has to set on a shelf & it's not being shaken so when people look at it they're seeing the separation. Now most people probably don't think a thing about it, but others may.

So, I'm changing the way I make it by doing the herbal infusing during the actual soap-making instead of saving it for later. So it will be one of the first steps instead of one of the later steps in the process.

I've not tried it yet, but very soon. I'm hoping it turns out well! I'll definitely post new pics to my Facebook wall. If you're not following me there yet, you definitely should! There's a lot of conversation that goes on there!

Wish me luck!