About Me & Contact

My name is Meagan Visser. I am a creative entrepreneur and small business owner. 

A little about my background:
I am an only child which means I'm a perfectionist, & I was born & raised in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee. I've always enjoyed helping & teaching others so when the time came for me to decide what I was going to go to college for I chose to become a Registered Nurse therefore getting to do both of the things I enjoyed.

What I'm doing now:
I'm now a stay-at-home-mom to two little guys. I homeschool them which allows me to continue doing the things I love...helping & teaching! I enjoy creating all sorts of things & learning new ways to do it. I'm into natural living, health, & herbs. I'd love to have my own little self-sufficient homestead one day!

What I do:
I've been a seller on Etsy for almost 2 years. Did I mention I wasn't a successful seller? Yes, my 1st shop didn't do much for me because I didn't do much for it. I made the mistake that a lot of people make when starting out in a creative business. I hoped that my products would sell without me doing anything but creating & listing it. I've grown & learned a lot over the past two years & in the process I've started a new shop, Baby Swank. I know that having a business that's going to be successful & make money doesn't do it all by itself. It takes time & a lot of hard work. It's a continual process. I'm here to work with you to grow a successful creative business too whether you're a mom with a family or not.

What I can do for you:

My goal is to provide fashionable & eco-friendly products for babies & toddlers. This blog is a place where you can come to learn a little bit more about me, my family, my products, my business, & my interests. Here I'll teach you a little bit about healthy, natural living for you & your family. I'll also share some great eco-finds with you that are handmade as well. I'd love to get to know you whether you're a customer, a shop owner, or just stopping by. Leave a comment on a post or send me an email! I will get back to you!

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