Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cloth Diapers?

Baby Hoots OneSize Cloth Diaper on Etsy

I'm all about being resourceful & living a nice, simple, self-sustaining life, but I'll be the first to say that it isn't always easy. It takes extra effort & some hard work...but it's good for us & it'sa process. You don't just flip a switch & become self-sufficient overnight. It takes time & a willingness to learn, but it is so rewarding to make & do things yourself!

One of my biggest struggles, personally, has been with cloth diapering. I really want to do it. I know it's better, not only for the environment, but for my wallet too. It just all seems so overwhelming to me! I've bought expensive diapers to try & it didn't work out so well, so now I've decided I'm going to make them myself. The problem is...when am I going to get around to doing it? Eventually, I'm sure! I just need to set out some time for it.

Anyway, today, I want to share an interview with you from Autumn Beck of All About Cloth Diapers. Autumn is a SAHM to 5 children & she has a website, well, all about cloth diapers. She's tried many brands, she has reviews on cloth diaper products, & she has a wealth of information for newbies & seasoned cloth diaperers alike.

Today, Autumn is going to be answering a few of my questions about why you should use cloth diapers, where to begin learning how to do it, & what's the cheapest way to go.

If someone were struggling with the decision to cloth diaper or not, what would your best arguments to support cloth diapering be?

When deciding if cloth diapers are best for your family you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Do you need to save money and realize that with disposable diapers you are literally throwing away thousands of dollars? 

Does the thought of millions upon millions of feces filled disposable diapers wrapped in a plastic bag and tossed in a landfill never to decompose (okay so maybe in 500 years) drive you crazy?

Have you seen tiny gel crystals on your child’s private parts and had your blood boil at the realization that you put this poison on your baby?

If any of these questions struck a nerve with you then I’d say the decision has been made.  Now you need to act on that conviction, discover the facts and decide what cloth diapers are best for your family.

For more information on reasons why a family would choose to cloth diaper check out these articles: Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

Where would you direct a cloth diaper newbie to that would give them a thorough knowledge all about cloth diapering?

Almost 5 years ago I completed the Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers.  It is an in-depth, specific look into everything one needs to know about cloth diapers.

In addition, I have written extensively to the new cloth diaper family about where and how to begin.  The most recent article is titled 5 Simple Steps to Begin Cloth Diapering.

I’ve also compiled a sampling of articles on one page called New To Cloth Diapers?  These links will help you to determine what system is best for you and really get you acquainted with what is out there. 

Now we all know that there are MANY different types of cloth diapers out there, so in your opinion, from start to finish, what's the cheapest to use & the what's the easiest to use?

Yes, the options are numerous and very overwhelming.  Cheapest option…hmm, well most would say prefolds are the cheapest. And yes, this is true but I can’t just recommend something based on price. 
There’s more to a diaper than the cost. 

When you combine cost with ease of use I’d have to go with Kawaii Baby pocket diapers.  They are made in China and cost $10-$14 for a one-sized diaper.  This is a very good price for a well made, one-sized, super fitting, versatile cloth diaper. 

One thing that families don’t realize when looking into cloth diapers is that many systems and brands don’t work for nighttime. A pocket diaper is a great system to use because you can add as little or as much absorbency as your little one needs. 

Prefolds, while cheap, can be bulky and don’t offer a stay dry feel against baby’s skin.  This is a problem for many little ones like my baby Camden.  He hates feeling any wetness and gets a rash.  This can be remedied by making fleece liners out of an unused blanket if you needed to make prefolds work.

Also, buying used off Craigslist, Diaperswappers, Ebay or local parenting groups is a great way to save money.  Of course, be aware of scammers and check feedback ;)

So thank you so much to Autumn for sharing her cloth diapering wisdom with us today! I know this mama has been encouraged! Be sure to go check out the links above & Autumn's website - All About Cloth Diapers.

xo, Meagan you cloth diaper? How did you get started? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Herbal Bath Bomb Giveaway

If you've checked out my herbal bath bombs in my Etsy shop, I'm sure you've thought they were cute...because they are oh-so-cute!

Well now is your chance to win a pack of them. Follow this link over to Life As A Cajun Bombshell & put your entry in! Giveaway ends on November 3rd!

xo, Meagan

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Updates

Three things quickly...I won't keep you here all day.

1) Did you see that I added gift wrap to my shop?

I did & I love it! It's so simple yet looks nice. It's perfect for my products & it will look great under your tree! Click here to go check it out now!

2) I'm getting busy

It's not even what I consider the full time holiday season yet & I'm already starting to see the beginning of holiday shopping. Orders are coming in & I'm staying busy {besides being pregnant & keeping up with my hubbie & two little guys}!

Just to let you know, since you're wondering, I'm only taking custom orders for my Personalized Washcloth Bibs until December 14th & the closer it gets to Christmas the busier I will be so if that's something you've been thinking about doing I'd suggest doing it now before it gets too close to that time!

3) Upcoming Giveaway

Did you see the most recent review of my Baby Swank Naturals products on my press page? Well, Brandi from Life As A Cajun Bombshell is going to be hosting a giveaway soon for a set of my Herbal Bath Bombs so if that's something you're interested in, be sure to keep up with her blog. I'll also be posting the giveaway & details to Facebook. Click here to come like my page & hang out with me!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fabulous Fall DIY Project

I don't know about you, but I love fall. It's absolutely one of my favorite times of the year. I love the smells, the colors, the warmer clothes, the get-together's, everything!

I live in East TN in the lower Appalachian Mountains & we definitely don't lack in curvy mountain roads around here, but let me tell's beautiful! I love to go for drives & just look at the colors & the farm land. It brings such a content, peaceful feeling to me.

Another thing I love about fall is the cooking & the decorating. So today I want to feature a fabulous Fall DIY project from Design Sponge that uses freshly fallen maple leaves that are made into roses. Yep, roses. They're so realistic looking & of course beautiful.

So what do you think? I was amazed when I saw this. Talk about a conversation piece. Make a bouquet for a sick friend, put some on your grandmother's grave, put them on your dinning room table, give them to your mother, enter them into a fall contest or bazaar. Whatever you decide to do with them...I guarantee you they'll get noticed!

All you need are:

  1. 10 different sized maple leaves for each rose
  2. short twig for each rose
  3. green floral tape
  4. scissors
After some folding, layering, cutting & taping you'll have a rose! Make several & you'll have a bouquet! Click here to read the actual post on Design Sponge & if you do try this, I'd love to see photos...put them on your Facebook page & tag me @EtsyBabySwank so I can see!

Good luck & happy Fall!
xo, Meagan

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Delicious Fall Treat Recipe

Today I have an awesome recipe for your if you're in the mood for something that smells great & tastes even better!

Pumpkin Spice Bars
Enjoy! Click here to view & print or download! Just click file -> choose print or download!

Recipe cards - free at!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Come Vote in the Color Palette Challenge

I told you a little while ago that I was participating in the EtsyMom Fall Event - The Color Palette Challenge! Well now's the time to come & vote for your favorite entry & I want to personally invite you to come on over & participate!

Click here to visit the EtsyMom blog to see all of the event entries & get info on how to vote. It's fun, it's quick, & you'd be doing me a favor.

Now I'm not asking you to vote for me in particular! Only if one of my entries is your favorite & you think I stuck to one of the color palettes. Voting is anonymous so no worries there. Again this won't take much of your time so please come vote! I'd appreciate it!

Oh, just for the record...I created some super cute additions to my Washcloth Bib collection. They're up for grabs in my shop & they in this season's fashion color report from Pantone! Here they are!

Cedar Flowers & Deep Teal Swirl

Friday, October 7, 2011

Feature Friday: Kelly Lulu

Today's Feature Friday is all about the shop "Kelly Lulu" on Etsy!

Kelly Quinn is the owner of Kelly Lulu & she offers organic, natural, eco-friendly baby products in her shop! When it comes to cloth diapering...she can set you up! She also offers reusable nursing pads as well.

As many of you know, I'm expecting my third baby at the end of December & I thought that this time I'd be more consistent with using cloth diapers. I've used them with my other two, but I've never been all cloth.
I'm gonna try using prefold diapers with snappies & covering them with waterproof diaper covers that I'm making myself...when I have time!

Here's where Kelly comes in!

I ordered some Snappie packs from her & when I got her package in the mail I had a sweet little surprise to go along with my order!

A coupon for a future purchase & some reusable, organic hemp nursing pads! I've never used the reusable ones before so now's my chance! I'm sure I'll love them & I'll definitely be back for more Kelly! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness! I really appreciate it! You can visit Kelly & Kelly Lulu right here at her Etsy shop!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bib of the Month: October

I'm so excited about my new BIB of the MONTH CLUB! It's so fun for me to be able to pick out a bib design that I think you all would like & be able to surprise you with it each month! For October's bibs, I've chosen some seasonal colors that will look great on your little ones & you can keep wearing them throughout the year!

This months bib is either...

Orange Demask - Girls
Green Circles - Boys

Both bibs come with a chocolate brown washcloth bib bottom & are stitched with chocolate brown top stitching for reinforcement. All bibs come with 2 part adjustable snaps so they'll fit babies or toddlers! These bibs will not be fore sale in my shop. You have to be in the membership club to get them. Again...they are not available to everyone!

For those of you who've already purchased your membership - these bibs will ship on the 15th of October. 

For those of you who'd like to join the BIB of the MONTH CLUB, please follow the link to purchase your membership from my shop. You're bib will then ship in 7-10 days!

xo, Meagan