Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Giveaway Greatness

So I've decided that this year, 2012, will include some awesomely fabulous giveaways when it comes to Baby Swank. I'm limiting the amounts of giveaways I'm doing & saving them for the really big ones.

My plan is to do 4 giveaways this year. Some on blogs, one on my Facebook page, & maybe some other places I see that are a good fit.

Anyway, the first one is coming up this month & I want you to be a part of it!

If you remember the interview I did last year with Autumn from All About Cloth Diapers, then you'll know exactly where this giveaway will be held.

Autumn is reviewing my Herbal Bum Salve & my Herbal Bum Cream & then I'll be giving away 2 Baby Bums gift baskets to the giveaway winners! I can't wait & I'll keep you posted here & on Facebook. Definitely don't miss out on this. These baskets make great gifts at baby showers, not to mention to keep for yourself!

I'll post when the giveaway is live! Keep an eye out!

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