Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Swank

     Well, I'm giving it another go on Etsy. I had a different shop about a year ago. I made several sells, but it didn't really take off. Of course I didn't put much into it either, and that's a MUST. So, I've decided to try it again in a more specified area...baby stuff. Perfect don't you think...seeing as how I'm surrounded by babies constantly, and probably will be for a while. So the name of my shop is Baby Swank, and I mostly offer Washcloth Bibs.

 I put a blanket on just to see how it goes, and I'm looking into some other items later on down the road. Right now, I'm just trying to focus on running a small business and hopefully running it well. I don't think I'm gonna have to deal with any red tape that goes along with having a business yet because I don't think I'll make the required amount of money by the end of the year so that's a plus for the moment. 
     My biggest hurdle is gonna be promoting my shop and getting my name out there. Another hurdle will be balancing this job with my duties at home. I'm a stay-at-home-mom with two little ones and a hubbie to take care of, a house to run, errands to do, groceries to buy, family to visit, church responsibilities, other ministry responsibilities, and I can't even think of everything else, but it all takes a lot of time! So prioritizing and balancing are things I'm gonna have to do, and I guess learn on the way. I'd love to help bring in some dough, but my hubbie and I feel that this is his primary responsibility while mine is raising our children at home, homeschooling, and running our home smoothly. No to say that I can't bring in some money, and hopefully I will. We'll see. I know it takes time and sticking with it. So I'm ready for the challenge...let's see where it takes us!

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