Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Baby Swank Items

    I know you're supposed to consistently be adding new items to your shop so people will have something new to look at and won't get board with things. So, my dinning room table, aka...the craft table, is covered with materials for some new projects I'm thinking of, as well as some old ones.
     Right now I have the materials for a couple more bibs to make. BTW, speaking of bibs, I just got the things I'll need to put snaps on my bibs instead of velcro for those who would rather have that. They're pearl snaps, and they look fabulous! See here!

     I'm also trying to finish up some overlocking on two new patterns on baby bibs. Those should be finish and listed within the next few days.
     Now on to new projects and ideas. I've had some really good feedback on my Plush Animals - Chickies - and so I've decided to make some smaller ones to go inside some mini bird cages. It's sooo cute! I love it. If I had a baby girl, I'd definitely decorate her room in chickies! They're adorable.

     Keep checking back here or at my shop. They'll be ready soon too. Another new project is a monogrammed diaper cover. I haven't made it yet, but I have all the stuff I need to. I have an off white crushed panne fabric that will have the first letter of babies name smack dab on the rear in animal print. I think it's leopard. These are perfect if it's a hot day and your kiddo is running around in nothing but a diaper, and it goes great with any onesie or shirt. So, I'm not sure how long until those will start being listed, but my plan is soon.
     So, as far as new projects, that's all I've got at the moment. I'm sure more will come and go!

Wanna see other posts about my venture in the world of Etsy. Check here! http://pieceofmeagan.blogspot.com/2010/10/baby-swank.html

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