Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wondering What My Plans For 2012 Are?

This past year has been great. Life, business, all of it. I'm so blessed. 

In 2011, business speaking, I've added a product line, grown my FB page to 300+ followers, met some awesome friends & biz owners, grown my coaching biz & had a great year in sales.

But, I'm not finished yet. Not because I'm not content or greedy or anything like that, but because this is business & businesses are meant to grow. I have big plans for 2012 & I want to share some of them with you.

Let's start with the biggest one. 

I'm switching gears & opening a new shop. 

Yeah, you heard me! I've been hinting around at making this big change for a while now. So I'm here today to let you in on my little secret.

My natural skin care line - Baby Swank Naturals - has done so well that I want to expand it even further, beyond babies & in order to do that, I'll be phasing the herbal products out of my shop & into a new one. 

Now don't stress. I'll be giving everyone plenty of time to get used to my new shop & the products will overlap for a while. Right now is just the beginning of this new shop. I've still got a lot of work ahead of me. I'm working on graphic design at the moment & that doesn't happen overnight. I'll be keeping you posted on this big change & I'm definitely going to launch this baby the right way!

As for Baby Swank

Baby Swank will remain for the time being. Once I'm in the new shop {name to be revealed later} I'm not sure what will happen to it. Do I move the Washcloth Bibs over to the new shop too or keep all that good stuff in Baby Swank??? I'm just not sure, but if you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it.

Other than matter which shop or what products we're talking about, here are some of my big plans.
  1. I'd like to get 4-5 wholesale accounts with retail stores.
  2. I'd like to get one of my products featured in a magazine.
  3. I'd like to triple this year's profits.
  4. I'd like to launch at least 2 new product lines.
Sound good? Sound ambitious? Great! 

As long as all goes well & business is staying in perspective with my family responsibilities, you'll be hearing from me throughout 2012 as I reach these goals & then in December, you can cheer with me as I say, "I did it!!"

Thanks for sticking with me & for all your encouragement & support. I need you!

xo, Meagan

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  1. Sounds like a great plan Meagan! Congrats on the new store, I know it will be a success! Happy New Year :)