Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Behind The Scenes: What's In A Baby Swank Package?

Some creative businesses make some super cute, even useful products & leave it at that. You buy their product & you get it in a plain brown box.

Well not I, honey! Not I!

When you order a Baby Swank product, I guarantee that when my package arrives at your doorstep, it's gonna make your day! I want you to not only love my products, but I want it to be fun for you to open it. Yep...I try to have some super cute, swanky, packaging.

So what exactly does it look like. Well that depends on what you order because each product is packaged a bit differently. But...

  • It will have your handwritten address on it & you will be wonderful, fabulous, awesome, or fantastic. 
  • It will have some fun, cute washi tape on the front.
  • It will be stuffed with goodies. - Not only will your product be there, but so will your invoice, some business cards {for you & friends}, a handwritten thank you, & a special little goodie all surrounded in colorful tissue paper to keep your treasures safe!

Here's what a recent customer told me when she received her package...

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your cute business card and note! I got a huge kick out the way you addressed the package to me! It was the highlight of my day that day!    -EE

Don't wait too long. Find out for yourself right here!

hugs, Meagan

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