Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Go-To Herbal Supplements for Pregnancy

I'm very blessed. I've never had any major issues with my pregnancies...not even minor issues really. I attribute this to being in good health in the first place & trying my best to take care of myself while I'm pregnant.

So today, I'm going to share some of the things I do & use to help me & my babies stay healthy during our 9 months together.


First off, I always get an all-natural, whole-food prenatal vitamin. None of that synthetic stuff the Dr. offers. Those vitamins don't do as much for me & they make me sick. The natural one's don't. I also include a prenatal Omega pill of some sort. Usually Garden of Life brand for the vitamins & omega.

The next thing I do is to add herbs in on top of it. Once I'm further along in my pregnancy, I start taking Red Raspberry Leaf. I've taken it in capsules, I've taken in as a tea, & I've made a tincture out of it & taken it that way. The tincture is best, but for me it works better to do a bit of all three.

Red Raspberry leaf has a medically proven & trusted track record in helping strengthen the womb of a pregnant woman, & it is also reported to be effective in restoring the womb after delivering. It can be used to help all sorts of women's reproductive issues. {Link to Bulk Herb Store's Mama's Organic Red Raspberry Brew...where I get almost all of my herbs!}

Then the last thing I do before I have my baby is I use a labor prep tincture called "Gentle Birth". It helps to get your body ready to have a quick, safe delivery & it minimizes complications such as hemorrhage & things of that nature. 

I did not take this with my first pregnancy & you all know how long that one was. I did take it with my last & it went MUCH faster & easier. I'm sure the whole 1st baby, 2nd baby thing had a lot to do with it as well, but I'm sure this was super helpful.


As far as resources for preparing for pregnancy & labor, BHS's has a new video & book series called "Making Babies". It's a 3 part series that takes you through the entire process naturally & healthily from pre-conception to postpartum. A definite must in my opinion!

The last thing I usually use is the book, Natural Childbirth - The Bradley Way. I love this book & I wish I'd had it for my first. Maybe things wouldn't have been so long & drawn out that way! It focuses on teaching your what your body is doing during labor & how to relax & work with it so you can have a quicker, easier labor. {Caution...mature images. Don't leave this one laying around for your kiddos to find!}

It definitely worked for me last time because I almost didn't make it to the hospital. I got there 17 minutes before Isaiah was born! We'll prepare better this time...promise!

Anyway, I hope this has given you a bit more insight into how I do things when I'm preggo. Again, #3 is almost here. I can't wait. I'll definitely keep you updated & thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, & kind words. It means so much!

xo, Meagan

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