Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DIY Felt Plush Heart

Plush Felt Pin Cushion by Baby Swank

     If you've checked out the plush animals section of my shop, you've seen my chickie, "Scrappy". Cute, isn't he?

     Making plush items is so easy and a lot of fun. So today I'm gonna show you how to make a Plush Heart out of felt. I figured a heart was appropriate since Valentine's Day is just around the corner. You can use this for so many things because it's so cute and fun...and easy! I'm using mine for a pin cushion since my current one is almost kaput, but it would also make a cute decoration for a party or room.


3 colors of felt
stuffing - I used FiberFil
embroidery thread
needle, chalk, scissors

Cut Away!
Okay, so here you're going to want to cut out 3 sizes of hearts. Pick the color you want for your main heart and cut out 2 hearts the exact same size. Then cut another heart a tad smaller from your next color, and the third heart even smaller than the second in the last color.

Layer and Stitch:
     Now you want to layer your hearts. Does it look okay or do you need to trim some more? I decided that for my heart, I would put a little stuffing in between each layer so that my finished product had a bit more depth. You can make your heart flat if you want.
     Take your top heart (smallest) and start stitching it to the middle heart using your embroidery thread and needle. Use any kind of stitch you'd like. I used a basic stitch to keep it simple. BUT WAIT...don't stitch it closed if you're going to stuff in between each layer. Stop when you have 3/4 of it stitched, put a bit of stuffing in, then finish it up. Repeat this same process for the last layer.

Now for the finishing touch!
     Follow the above stitching instructions to stitch your big hearts together. I changed my stitch here to a button hole stitch to make it more decorative. Make sure you leave room to stuff it full before finishing up. Viola! All done! Now you can add a cute ribbon, lace, or rik-rak to the back so you can hang it, or if you're gonna use it as a pin cushion like I am, you can attach some hook and loop to the back and secure it somewhere!


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