Monday, January 10, 2011

New Bibs

So, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret here...I'm working on some new bibs, and I'm going to give you a sneak peak at them!

When I make items for my shop or for other moms as gifts, I want my item to solve a problem for them. Since I'm a mom with children of my own I feel like I can do this by solving my own problems, therefore solving there's...hopefully without them ever knowing they had one.

Anyway, one problem that I want to solve concerns feeding babies. They are messy little squirts, especially when they're first learning to eat solids. Take a look at my kid here!

Isaiah eating spagetti!

Yes, he's not wearing a bib, therefore staining his clothes and giving me more laundry to do since I probably changed his outfit after he ate. So, what's my problem here...stains and laundry, that's what, and I don't know anyone who likes doing laundry. If you do, come to my house because I can give you plenty to enjoy!

So how do I solve this problem? Well, by putting a bib on the kid before he eats, that's how! And I don't mean any bib. I mean a freakin' awesome bib! I LOVE my Washcloth Bibs! They are big enough to cover the kids clothes, they velcro so that they'll come undone if by chance it gets pulled hard enough {no choking the kiddies!}, they have a pocket at the bottom to catch food in, you can clean the kids face when they're done eating, and they are so stinkin' cute! 

Anyway, that solves one problem - staining, but what about laundry? Yeah, a bib isn't as bad to wash as clothes, but it's still not solving both problems. So, I finally have a great idea that I want to try, and I try everything on my kids first! I found this material at the fabric store the other day. It's called "laminated cotton". I'm sure some of you have heard of it. It comes in really cute designs, and it's waterproof on one side. So, I'm making a bib out of it. My plan is once you're done feeding your kid, just rinse your bib off with water, and hang it up to dry. So simple. It solves both my problems -staining and laundry

Now, I thought that I'd be posting pics of a finished bib, but I'm not. I'm overcasting the edges of the bib so that the material doesn't fray, and my over-locking foot broke. {Dang thing! Doesn't it know I'm working and I need it's stupid self! GGEEERRRRR!} So anyway, I can't finish them until I buy another. But, here's the new bib anyway.

bib with pocket

stupid broke over-locking foot

So what do you think of it? Can you think of any areas I can improve before it goes to my shop?

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