Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EtsyMom Treasure Hunt

So my Etsy team - EtsyMoms - is hosting a new event for Valentine's Day. A Treasure Hunt!

What the mess is a Treasure Hunt, you say?

Well it's similar to the blog hop we had at the beginning of December except that you'll be surfing through shops instead of blogs looking for treasure {particular symbols} in the shops listings. Each shop will hide 1 of 3 images in one of their listings, & you have to search for it!

Confusing? Bear with me. You'll start at the EtsyMom Blog where you'll find a list of the participating shops. Imagine that you go to my shop....Baby Swank, & you start with my first listing. You check out all 5 pictures & your looking for one of the specified images hidden in that listing. Yeah, it's small. It's a treasure hunt people...it's not supposed to be obvious! Not in the first listing? Keep going! Once you've found the "treasure" {image}, you will email the URL for the listing that you found the symbol in to etsymomteam@gmail.com. But wait! Only one email! Put all your url's in one email. Viola! You're entered into the giveaway for the prize: items from each of the participating EtsyMom shops. & guess what? There are three prize categories: Grand Prize, Second Place, & Third Place. What a great deal! Whoever has found the most after Feb. 14th wins the Grand Prize!

Here are the images you're looking for!

Good Luck!!


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