Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Crafting Space

     Okay, I'm so excited I can't stand it. As some of you may know, my birthday is on Christmas Eve, so sometimes I get a combined b-day and Christmas gift from folks who have something in mind that's a tad more expensive than they'd like to spend on one gift. This year, my hubbie was the one who did this. It's been a couple of years since he's gotten me one big combined gift. Well, he actually had some little things that went along with my big gift that I got for Christmas, but it was still all for this one big thing.

     Sooooo, I've been wanting a couple of things here recently that have been kind of expensive. One is a mini greenhouse. I love gardening, homesteading, and living as self-sufficiently as possible. It's definitely a growing process, but we think it's fun. I always have trouble starting my plants from seeds in the spring so I've been wanting a mini greenhouse to help with this, plus it will extend my growing season a bit. But, they are EXpensive! So I kinda thought this would be what he was getting me, and he did say he looked for them. Another thing I've been wanting is a place to put all my crafting stuff. If any of you follow my personal blog, Pieces of Meagan, you've seen some posts on getting organized. As of right now, I'm in my dinning room for everything, so that means the table is covered with stuff and we've not eaten dinner here in months! I've been wanting a craft room since we build our house when we first got married. All along I planned on turning our huge attic into it, but it's full of things that we need to store. Plus it's hard to regulate the temperature up there. So here lately I've decided to divide our bedroom up because we made it so big, and we don't really need all that space there. One half will be our bedroom, and the other half will have a big craft desk and areas for storage. Have you seen the price of huge craft tables. They're a pretty penny too!

     Now I'm not too picky of a person, so my wonderful hubbie went to a furniture store and bought me a double desk with a hutch to use as my craft table. It's way bigger than a regular craft table. The only difference is that my sewing machine won't drop down into it, and it doesn't have as much storage space. But, almost everyone else who got me gifts, birthday or Christmas, got me things to help with storing things for my "craft room"! I can't wait to get stuff to get it organized and looking all crafty and cute! So without further ado, meet my new crafting space!


  1. Your space looks great, the last time we moved I one thing that was on my list as a must was space for crafting and I got it, I spent the hollidays rearranging and organizing and as soon as I get the 4 big pieces of furniture out of there I will be sharring it.

  2. Sounds great Mary Jo! I can't wait to see what you do with your space. Make sure you let me know when you get your pics up so I can see!