Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Traditions

     It seems like when the holidays roll around, everything just screams Family Traditions! Sure families have done things a certain way for years, but you don't really think of it as a tradition until the holidays least I don't. My family for instance has traditions around most major holidays and during other important going ons in life, but we have a lot more during the Thanksgiving - Christmas season.

     Why are traditions such an important part of family life. I guess it's because they are the ties that bind us together. Most people like routine. We expect it. Plus there's something sentimental about doing things the same way year after year in the form of "traditions".

     Anyway, as far as me and my family goes, at least during this time of year, here's a list of some of our traditions that have either been handed down or that we've started up ourselves!

1.  Watch "It's A Wonderful Life" and drink eggnog.                        
2.  Picking out a Christmas tree together.                         
3.  Drawing names for gifts.                        
4.  Get a personalized Christmas ornament.   
5.  Spending Christmas Eve night with my parents: staying up late playing games and making yummy treats!
     There are a lot more I'm sure! It would take some time to think of them all. So, as far as #4 goes, it's one that my mom started. Not from the time I was little, but from the time I got married. She kind of started it for me and my family, and we've just carried on with it. Maybe one day we'll have an entire tree devoted to personalized ornaments! So, I thought I'd show you the one's we have up to this point - with many more to come! These are in order from oldest to newest.

Wedding - June '06
1st Christmas - '06
2nd Christmas - '07

3rd Christmas - '08

4th Christmas - '09
5th Christmas - '10

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