Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do-it-Yourself Advent Calender

     So I was running around on Twitter today, tweeting away, when I came across this really neat idea on another blog about a DIY Advent Calender. How cool that I've been thinking about wanting to get one of these lately, and then I just run across an awesome blog post on how to make one. My oldest son is 2 1/2 and I think he would really enjoy doing it, and what a great, fun tradition to start!

     Now there are tons of Advent calenders out there that you can buy or have made for you...eemmm Etsy anyone, but there are also plenty of how-to's on making one yourself. So if you're anything like me, and you see something and say to yourself, "I can so make that!", then this how-to is for you. It's so easy and very cute!

     This one was designed by Rebecca from The Ardent Sparrow who's a wife, mother, blogger, and jewelry designer among other things. The thing I really like about this Advent calender, is that it's not your typical calender. Plus you can get everything you need at Michael's craft store, which for me is a big deal because I'm from a SMALL town and there's a Michael's about an hour down the road...and for those of us here in smallville isn't far! Last but not least, it's a festive decoration that will look great in your house! So take a look at her post, and leave her a comment telling her what you think.

     Now, as far as gifts for each day go, what type of things would you put in it? Candy, stocking stuffers, what? I want to hear your ideas and suggestions, so leave a comment below and give me some good ideas!


  1. Thanks for the reminder!!! I forgot that today would be day 1.

  2. I have boys who love to build things, so I would probably get a small Lego set and divide up the pieces between the boxes.

  3. A lot of advent calendars I see have candy in them, but I would want to try for something a little healthier than just candy. Stocking stuffers would be better I think, little toys from the dollar store or you could be crafty and make little coupons to go in each box, for things like picking the meal or camping out in the living room.

  4. Oh my goodness! Those are great ideas! I love your idea Jenn on taking one toy and dividing it up among the boxes. You could do that with puzzle pieces too. And Amanda, I totally agree with you on something other than candy. I'm very into healthy living...not that my kid doesn't ever get candy, but it's good to try to find something else instead! Coupons would be fun for older kids I think.