Thursday, December 9, 2010

Newest Items

     Okay, so I got a custom order for two Washcloth Bib's over Black Friday weekend. Let me tell you, that was the only thing I got in my shop besides views that weekend, and it was really disheartening! Anyway, it was an alchemy request for a Pittsburgh Steeler's Bib and a Toy Story Bib.

     Here they are, and I think they look great! I'm really excited about both of them, but the Toy Story one especially because it's out of flannel, and I've never made one of my bibs from flannel before. It was so easy and it turned out really well. Let's just hope it holds up well and lasts!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Which picture do you all like best? The full view bib or the folded bib?


  1. Those are so cute! And I think I like the full view best.

  2. How cute!! I like the full view best... you can really see that it's a bib that way, and you can see the part that makes it so awesome: the washcloth! :)

    Don't worry about Black Friday, I've been hearing much of the same from tons of other people. There's always next year! :)

  3. Thanks Rachael! I'm hoping 2011 as a whole looks up!