Friday, September 30, 2011

Feature Friday: Petite Tuques

Today I want to share a great Etsy shop with you & tell you a bit about the sweet little surprise that I found in my mailbox the other day!

Lisa is the owner of Petite Tuques & she lives in Quebec, Canada. She offers knitted hats, mittens & scarves for babies, teens, & adults plus she has a great line of Twilight inspired items in her shop as well! I've known Lisa for almost a year now from my coaching website - - & I know that she works hard making her shop & products great for her customers. Her products have even been featured on tv so that's saying something!

So the other day, I was on the way to visit my hubbie at work - a daily routine for myself & the boys - & I stopped to check the mail. I was blown away by what I found inside!

Lisa had sent me a hat & pair of mittens for my new little man that's coming in December! 

Again, I was blown away! She hadn't said anything to me about it. It was just so thoughtful that she would send me such a great gift.

Now let me tell you a bit about what she sent.

The hat has little ear flaps to keep little ears warm & a tie to keep it securely on baby's head. She included a pair of matching mittens that also have ties so I can keep them on his hands! They are SO soft! I really wish I could describe it to you so you could know exactly what I'm feeling. It feels like you're rubbing a cat's back.
So thank you so, so much Lisa for the sweetest surprise that made my day! I love your products! You can find out more about Lisa & Petite Tuques by visiting her in the following places!



    I'm so honored to be on your blog- honestly, I wanted to share my love for little hats with your little guy.. I have tears in my eyes right now - because this is the best part of having a handmade shop! Seeing (or reading ) a person's reaction is priceless! I can't wait to hear news of the little guy! Thanks Meagan!